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Các nguyên lý và thực hành phẫu thuật Tiết niệu 2e, 2 tập

The second edition of this two volume set has been fully revised to provide the most recent advances in the field of urology. Divided into 20 sections, this comprehensive guide begins with an introduction to the basics of urology and presentation and investigation of associated diseases.

The following sections provide extensive coverage of the various aspects of urology, including emergency urology, paediatric urology, female urology and urinary tract obstruction. Volume two discusses surgical aspects, including reconstructive urology, transplant, uro-oncology and reproductive urology. Each section includes the various approaches such as open, laparoscopic, endourologic, microsurgical, prosthetic, tissue and genetic engineering, and robotic surgeries. This new edition is well-illustrated with nearly 1000 images and tables.

Key points :-

* Fully revised, new edition presenting latest advances in urology

* Covers diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and disorders

* Volume two provides extensive coverage of surgical aspects

* Previous edition published in 2003.

Principles and Practice of Urology 2nd/2016 (2 Vols Set)
Author : M. A. Salam
ISBN : 9789350252604
Publisher : Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2013
Pages : 1190
Volume(s) : 2
Product Type : Hard Cover
Condition : New
Availability : In Stock

TẢI VỀ: Định dạng PDF – 1190 trang – 150 MB – Google Drive

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