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Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine at a Glance offers healthcare students and trainees the essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills relevant to the provision of immediate care outside of the hospital. This concise text provides information on the principles of managing acutely unwell patients with life-threatening injuries at the scene of their accident, all in highly-illustrated double-page spreads to help explain key messages.

This brand new title:
Looks at the ways in which pre-hospital care is organised and delivered in the United Kingdom Explores some of the most common incidents that pre-hospital care teams attend to, including major trauma as well as cardiac arrests Includes an illustrated introduction to some of the many practical procedures pre-hospital care teams must be able to perform including resuscitative thoracotomy and rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia Takes into account the multi-disciplinary nature of the specialty Features a section on careers within pre-hospital care for doctors and paramedics
Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine at a Glance is the perfect companion for medical students and junior doctors interested in learning more about pre-hospital care, as well as for paramedic students and paramedics who practise in the pre-hospital environment every day.

Title: Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine at a Glance
Author(s): William H. Seligman, Sameer Ganatra, Timothy Parker, Syed Masud
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Year: 2017 Edition: 1
Language: English Pages (biblio\tech): 104\0
ISBN: 1118829921, 9781118829929 ID: 2120611
Size: 6 MB Extension: epub

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