Oxford Sổ tay Xét nghiệm và thăm dò lâm sàng 4e

An indispensable guide to investigative techniques written by an experienced team of active clinicians
Cross-referenced with the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine 10th edition for more detailed clinical management advice

Provides both a patient-centred and specialty-centred approach to investigation of symptoms and signs, with advice on all relevant tests and the pitfalls of interpreting results
Extensively illustrated to aid understanding of the more complex investigations and interpretation of results
New to this Edition:

Thoroughly revised with the latest investigations, such as faecal immunochemical testing, advanced MRI techniques, and new genetic screening for phaeochromocytom

Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation
Fourth Edition
Edited by Drew Provan
Published: 15 February 2018
1,008 Pages
ISBN: 9780198766537

Định dạng PDF – 1008 Trang – 18 MB

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