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Nhóm: Medical Education

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The Pocket Guide to Teaching for Clinical Instructors, 3rd edition, provides a concise introduction to teaching. Written by experienced medical educators from the Advanced Life Support Group and Resuscitation Council (UK), this best-selling guide gives comprehensive and practical advice on the most effective teaching metho [...]
ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Coding Handbook with Answers 2019. Handbook content reflects revisions of the Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting as well as AHA Coding Clinic® for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS content published through May 2018. The handbook s format and style of presentation follows that of previous editions [...]
Even the most capable individuals are challenged when confronted with the complexity of the modern hospital experience. The Informed Patient is a guide and a workbook, divided into topical, focused sections with step-by-step instructions, insights, and tips to illustrate what patients and their families can expect during a [...]
No prior exposure to medical terms? No problem! Designed for short medical terminology courses, this essentials-level learning resource uses simple language you can understand.Organized by body system, early chapters help you learn the foundation of medical word building with a basic analysis of medical terms, com [...]
A simple, visual symptom checker that helps you match your symptoms and health problems to possible conditions, and quickly directs you to the correct treatment.Whether it’s a symptom you’ve been ignoring for a while or something like a sudden pain after a fall, this book tells you what it could be and what action [...]
Macleod's Clinical Diagnosis demonstrates how to apply the core clinical skills learned from the companion textbook Macleod's Clinical Examination to maximum advantage. Charting the course from routine work-up to diagnosis, this book presents a modern and realistic approach to clinical assessment and explains how to integr [...]
This classic textbook aims to assist clinicians develop the consultation skills required to elicit a clear history, and the practical skills needed to detect clinical signs of disease. Where possible, the physical basis of clinical signs is explained to aid understanding. Formulation of a differential diagnosis from the in [...]
Practitioners and students: see and hear breath and heart sounds with remarkable clarity while perfecting your auscultation technique.Auscultation Skills: Breath & Heart Sounds, Fifth Edition, pinpoints exactly how, where, and why breath and heart sounds occur and helps you to differentiate normal from abnormal sou [...]
Medical Terminology: A Living Language uses a carefully constructed learning system to help readers gain a successful grasp of medical language within a real-world context. Its step-by-step approach introduces the anatomy and physiology of body systems and their corresponding medical terms, as well as the rules of using wo [...]
Hiện nay người nước ngoài sang sinh sống tại Việt Nam rất đông. Những vấn đề về sức khỏe cũng cần được chú ý hơn: Cuốn sách Tiếng Anh Đàm Thoại Dành Cho Y Tá rất cần thiết cho những ai đang và đã làm trong bệnh viện.Sách bao gồm 26 bài học: Bài 1: Giới thiệu giải thích sơ lược với bệnh nhân nhập viện Bài 2: S [...]
1 2 3 4 10 / 33 Bài