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Learn from key leaders in the field of neurosurgery with the practical guidance presented in this first-of-its-kind resource. Complications in Neurosurgery uses a case-based format to explore complications across the full range of commonly performed neurosurgical procedures. As you review dozens of up-to-date, real-life cases, you’ll become better equipped to identify pitfalls ahead of time and have the knowledge to handle difficult situations that arise during surgery.

Table of contents :
Section one: General neurosurgery

1. Historical perspective
2. Informed consent and medico legal aspects of neurosurgery
3. Wrong Side Craniotomy and Wrong Level Spine Surgery – ‘res ipsa loquitur’
4. Medical complications in neurosurgery
5. Surgical complications in cranial and spine surgery (Position-related, pneumocephalus, pseudomeningocoele and CSF leak, wound complications)
6. Venous injury and cerebral edema in cranial surgery
7. Post-operative hematoma after neurosurgery

Section two: Cranial complications

Vascular surgery complications

8. Overview
9. Intra-operative rupture and parent artery injury during aneurysm surgery
10. Cerebral Vasospasm: complications and avoidance
11. Complications of AVM microsurgery; steal phenomenon and management of residual AVM
12. Complications of cerebral bypass surgery
13. Complications of surgery for cavernomas
14. Complication of Carotid endarterectomy

Skull base surgery complications

15. Overview
16. Complications in anterior cranial fossa surgery
17. Complications in middle cranial fossa surgery
18. Complications in posterior cranial fossa surgery
19. Complications of Chiari Malformation surgery

Primary brain lesion resection complications

20. Primary brain lesion resection complications: An Overview
21. Complications following glioma surgery
22. Complications of surgery for pituitary tumors
23. Thalamic and insular tumors: minimizing deficits
24. Complications of surgery for pineal region tumors
25. Complications associated with surgery for intracranial infectious lesions : (tuberculosis, hydatid, neurocysticercosis)
26. Malignant Brain Swelling After Resection of Superior Sagittal Sinus Meningioma
27. Facial nerve and Auditory nerve deficit in GKRS for vestibular schwannomas

Pediatric neurosurgery complications

28. Complications of posterior fossa tumors: ependymoma/ medulloblastoma/ pilocytic astrocytoma
29. Craniopharyngioma: complications after microsurgery
30. Complications associated with Cerebrospinal Fluid Diversion
31. Complications After Myelomeningocele Repair: CSF Leak and Retethering

Functional and radiosurgery, Surgery for trigeminal neuralgia; Complications 

32. Complications of various treatment options for trigeminal neuralgia
33. Complications of DBS
34. Complications following epilepsy surgery
35. Complications after Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Endoscopic surgery

36. Complications of endonasal endoscopy
37. Vascular injuries in transsphenoidal approach
38. Complications of ventricular endoscopy

Endovascular surgery

39. Access-related complications: (groin hematoma, dissection and pseudoaneurysm, contrast-nephropathy, air embolism)
40. Procedure-related complications: Aneurysms—Intraprocedural rupture, thromboembolic events, coil migration or prolapse into parent artery, and recurrent aneurysm management
41. Procedure related complications: AVM embolization
42. Procedure related complications: Stroke
43. Procedure related complications: CCF and AVF

44. Complications after decompressive craniectomy and cranioplasty
45. Complications following surgery for chronic subdural hematoma

Section three: Spinal and peripheral nerve surgery complications

General and Degenerative spinal disease surgery complications

46. Overview of General and Degenerative Spine Surgery Complications
47. Adjacent level disc degeneration and pseudoarthrosis
48. Graft related complications (Autograft, BMP, synthetic)
49. rocedure related complications (Inadvertent dural tear, CSF leak)
50. Complications of surgery at craniocervical junction
51. Neurologic deterioration after spinal surgery (including cauda equine)
52. Vascular injury during approach to lumbar spine
53. Vascular complications in cervical spine surgery (anterior approach and posterior approach)
54. Instrumentation related complications
55. Post-op spinal deformities: kyphosis, non-union and loss of motion segment
56. Complications of MIS
Spinal neoplastic and vascular lesion surgery complications
57. Complications in Spinal Cord Tumor Surgery
58. Complications of surgery for vertebral body tumors
59. Complications of surgery for spinal vascular malformations
60. Complications of surgery and radiosurgery in spinal metastasis
Spinal Trauma and peripheral nerve surgery complications
61. Complication of spinal fractures
62. Post-traumatic syringomyelia
63. Complications of Surgery for Peripheral Nerve Injuries and Tumors

Title: Complications in Neurosurgery
Author(s): Anil Nanda
Publisher: Elsevier
Year: 2018 Edition: 1st Edition
Language: English Pages (biblio\tech): 423\423
ISBN: 9780323510516
Size: 42 MB (43733797 B) Extension:pdf

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