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Bệnh học Cơ xương khớp Căn bản 5e

ABC of Rheumatology continues to be a practical and informative guide to the assessment, treatment and management of common rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions within primary care.

Fully updated to reflect developments in this fast growing field, the fifth edition covers overviews of all key areas of rheumatology, and includes new chapters on radiology and immunology, as well as expanded coverage on metabolic bone disease, chronic widespread pain, and complex regional pain syndrome.

Featuring highly illustrated chapters, boxed summaries and links to further resources, ABC of Rheumatology is an accessible reference for all primary care health professional, general practitioners, family physicians, junior doctors, medical students and nurses

Title: ABC of Rheumatology 5th edition
Author(s): Ade Adebajo, Lisa Dunkley
Series: ABC Series
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Year: 2018 Edition: 5th Edition
Language: English Pages (biblio\tech): 226\226
ISBN: 978-1-118-79320-6 ID: 2203011
Size:24 MB (24810283 B) Extension:pdf

Tải sách: Định dạng PDF – 226 trang – 24 MB – GOOGLE DRIVE

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